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Moyer Aviation, Inc. named a Lycoming Authorized Service Center

Easton, PA, November 11th, 2009 - Moyer Aviation, Inc. of Easton, PA was recently named a Lycoming Authorized Service Center giving pilots and owners a proven option for servicing their airplanes and purchasing genuine Lycoming parts.

To earn the designation, Moyer Aviation was required to meet Lycoming specified equipment and facility requirements, maintain required staff training levels, meet or exceed required levels of quality and professionalism, and be capable of handling fly-in customers.

"These standards were set to identify only the best-trained, best-operated service centers," said Mike Everhart, Lycoming director of Distribution Management & Customer Service. "By identifying and working with shops that meet or exceed our standards, we are building a quality customer support network of dependable, honest, competent and professional service providers that will be known for their technical capabilities and the highest standards associated with the Lycoming brand."

Moyer Aviation was established in 1981 and provides pilots and owners services that include: Annual Inspection, Installations and Repairs.

Lycoming supports its Authorized Service Centers with online training programs and by designating the centers as the exclusive source for service and support of Lycoming's soon-to-be available advanced technology - the new iE2 (integrated electronic engine) and the new IO-233-LSA Light Sport Engine.

Lycoming Authorized Service Centers are also the primary source of Lycoming Echelon STCs, Lycoming's own supplemental type certificate program to upgrade legacy aircraft with modern power plants.

For more information, contact Vern Moyer or Kurt Singer 1-800-321-5890


Moyer Aviation, Inc. is licensed by the FAA as Air Carrier #CDHA764C
for flight in the US & Canada. Our Canadian license #967766

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